Are you an exporter? Or an out of state buyer?

Our process for exporting vehicles is as follows

  1. Contact us about the vehicle you are currently interested in.

    – We will send as many pictures as you need, or if your local come by and see the vehicle.

  2. We will make arrangements with the Ports for pick up and delivery.
  3. Send us the full payment amount. We accept bank certified checks, cash, or wire transfer.
  4. Up to date tracking information will be sent to you until you receive your purchase.

Are you an out of state buyer?

Meticulous Motors has hundreds of vehicles across the United States. Even if you need shipping arrangements we can help you there as well. We keep you informed and keep communication high to make you feel comfortable and safe when dealing with us.

Here is our process for out of state buyers:

  1. See the vehicle you would like to purchase, and then contact us.
  2. Send us a deposit for a pre determined amount.

    – We accept Paypal, MasterCard/Visa, wire transfer, and bank certified funds.

  3. Arrange for pick up

    – We offer free transportation from any of our local major airports, Clearwater and Tampa International. Use this option if you plan on driving the vehicle home.

    – If you cannot pick up the vehicle then we will make the shipping arrangements for you. Just inform us on what your budget is for shipping, and when you want the vehicle picked up and delivered. Then we will get the best competitive rate for you.

    – We offer open and closed haulers that are licensed and insured, your choice.

  4. We overnight your paperwork, then return it to us signed and completed.
  5. Pay the full amount before the vehicle is shipped.
  6. Receive up to date tracking on your vehicles shipment.