Are you ready to sell your vehicle? Sell us your vehicle.

Our Step By Step Process

Here at Meticulous Motors trades-ins are always welcome. This is because we can provide competitive trade-in value for your pre-owned vehicle. Whether you are trading in your vehicle for one of our vehicles, or just looking to get top wholesale value for your current vehicle. Feel free to bring us any type of vehicle old or new, and we will give you fair current market value to sell your vehicle to us. Our process is listed below:

Step 1: Bring your vehicle to Meticulous Motors

Selling your vehicle requires no special appointment times, just make sure you bring the vehicle by during office hours.

The owner and salesman will appraise your vehicle for free.

Step 2: Our vehicle appraisers will inspect your vehicle

This process will take no more than 25 minutes.

Our trained appraisal team will do a 125-point inspection on every vehicle to determine your vehicles worth. Your vehicles worth is determined by mileage, condition, history reports, and type of vehicle make and model.

If you have questions regarding the appraisal process, feel free to ask any question at any time during the inspection.

Also, if you’re looking for a quality pre-owned vehicle¬†after you sell your car, please browse through our inventory while you wait.

Step 3: We will provide you an offer

This offer is good for two weeks. After that time the vehicle will need to be inspected again.

You can either choose to sell your vehicle right then or choose to think it over.

Step 4: Get paid for your vehicle

We pay our customers with a bank certified business check.

Here is what to bring with you in order for us to buy your vehicle:

1. Bring the title to the vehicle or loan pay-off information.
We need the title to transfer the vehicle to our business. The title owners must be present at the time of sale.2. Valid photo I.D.
We need to verify your identity.

3. Valid vehicle registration
We also need the registration as proof of ownership of the vehicle.

4. Keys and or remotes
These are required to come with the vehicle. Please provide all sets of keys and or remotes that you have.

Have questions or comments?

Please feel free to contact us online or call us directly, also be sure to use the sell my car browsing option to find all the selling options you have with us!