"I couldn't have gotten a better truck".


"The best car buying experience I have ever had, I love my new Honda".

Stephen Carlberg

"I love my new Ford Lightning! Thank you for making everything right".

Scott Nadeau

"This is one clean truck, thank you"


"Special thanks to Mr. Pete, Nick, Cheryl and Jeff. We shall return! Many thanks for a wonderful 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee in mint condition! Best Wishes"

Helena & Bob Chapman

"After months of looking, Meticulous Motors found the perfect car for me. I couldn't be happier, thank you Meticulous Motors!"


"I will be happy for many years to come, thank you".

Rosemary Smith

"I love my car, it's awesome, and I will definitely will be back for another one".

Jessica Johnson

"This is my first car, and I am very happy with it, thank you".

Anthony Liess

"Aprecio todo lo que ustedes han hecho por mi, gracias". Translation "I appreciate everything you guys have done for me, thank you".


"Thank you for accepting my offer, I love my new truck".


"I am very impressed with the car, and I enjoyed what I saw. You guys do a great job".

Philipe & Kim

"Thank you very much for my son's first car. We found the perfect vehicle within 5 minutes, thank you."

Lenore & Matthew

"Love the flight down here, and the vehicle was everything I could expect, thank you".


"We are very happy, thank you!"

Michael & Tanya

"If you buy a car from Meticulous Motors, you have come to the right place. These guys are the best!"

The Wright\'s

"I believe in doing business where business is good. Come see the guys at Meticulous Motors!"

Tim L.

"I am happy 100%. Everything was the way it was on the Internet, thank you!"

David Kidd

"Dear Pete and Staff. Thank you seems like such a small thing to say, but know that it's heartfelt. My car problems were a nightmare, but you never stopped trying to find a solution. My car is working great, I thank you for all of your time and effort.


"Thank you for your honesty and our new car! This was my wives dream car!"

Chuck & Stacy

"Thank you guys so much. I bought my first, second and current third car from you guys and I have loved them all! You guys are the best!"

Danielle D.

"Thank you Meticulous Motors! You found exactly what I was looking for! This is our families third car from you guys and it will certainly not be the last!"

Kerm & Sara Carlberg

"Love it, very happy, couldn't ask for a better place to shop!"

Mike Y.

"Thank you guys for selling me my dream car!"

Phil C.

"Thank you for all the cars we have had over the years, you guys are the best!"

The Romero\'s

"I needed a car and this one was perfect, thank you!"

Lexie H.

"I got a great deal, and the exact car I was looking for!"


"You guys were fair and honest. I would definitely buy another car from you again!"


"Thank you guys very much!"

Mitchell & Kirsten

"You guys are great, best buying experience I have ever had with a used car lot!"

Sonja & A\' Desha

"I got a great deal on a rare car, I couldn't be happier!"

Bob A.

"This is a great car that will help me start my new career, I can't thank you guys enough!"


"Thank you guys, I love my Honda!"


"Thank you so much, great car, great price!"


"Good car, great experience, honest, 12 out of 10 on our experience!"


Found my dream car with these guys! They gave me a great deal and got me the car I wanted! Thank you!

Steven K.

I love this body style WRX so much and I am glad I came to these guys who specialize in these cars! I wouldn't have gone anywhere else!

Marco B.

Found the right car for me, thank you Meticulous Motors!

Joey F.

Thank you Nick, Meticulous Motors helped me get into a car very easily. I will be back.

Lori N.

YES! I finally found the perfect Acura TL Type-S, I owned a white one a long time ago and was totaled. Thank you to Nick at Meticulous Motors for getting me back into another Type S!rn

Avi P.

Thank you Nick, this is the right car for me and my needs! I needed a cute hatchback for my horse equipment!

Windy S.

Thank you Meticulous Motors! This is such a pretty Maxima!

Tracy M.

Thank you Nick! I love my new Tundra and the great price! I will use this everyday for work!

Thad D.

Thank you Nick I love my Pathfinder for school!

Ashley H.

Gracias Senor Nick! Este es mi segundo coche de Meticulous Motors!

Juan C.

I love my new Acura thank you Nick and Meticulous Motors!

Jill D.

Gracias Meticulous Motors! Pete en Nick!

Midermina D.

This my fifth car from Meticulous Motors thank you Pete and Nick!

Kristene S.

Thank you for everything Nick and Pete you guys at Meticulous Motors are awesome! I love my new work truck!

Jeff R.

Pete and Nick I can't thank you enough for always providing the best vehicles for me and my family over the last decade! This is my fifth car from you guys and I will not go anywhere else!

Sarai R.

I am living my dream with this beautiful Subaru WRX STI! Thank you Meticulous Motors and Nick for helping me reach my goals in life!

Shelby N.