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How does Meticulous Motors handle financing?

Our financing is all done at our dealership. No need for bank loans, finance a car from us and pay at our dealership.

How much are payments at Meticulous Motors?

Our payments range from $125-$250 bi-weekly.

How often can I make my payment?

Every week or every two weeks. We do monthly payments only under special circumstances.

Do I need good credit to get financed?

We will finance almost anyone who passes our financial application and has a sufficient down payment for the vehicle chosen.

How can I pay for my down payment?

Cash, bank check, credit card, or debit card.

What payment method can I use to make my vehicle payments?

Cash, money order, credit/debit card.

What if I am late on my payment?

There is a $25 late fee for each additional week payment is not made.


How long does it take for my vehicle to be completed?

Most jobs take 1-5 days to be completed in most cases. The vehicle will only take longer if the service work needed is very extensive.

What payment methods are accepted for mechanical payments?

Cash, credit/debit cards, certified checks or money orders.

How competitive are the rates at Meticulous Motors compared to other retail garages?

At the Meticulous Motors service center, you get the parts and labor at discounted cost.

What are some examples of how competitive Meticulous Motors Service Center?

Transmission replacement at the dealer $6000 / Meticulous Motors $3500 (in most cases).
Oil change at the dealer $85 / Meticulous Motors $40 (regular oil).

How experienced are the mechanics working on my vehicle?

Our technicians have over 20 years of experience on European, Japanese, and Domestic vehicles. Specializing in all areas of vehicle mechanics.

Can the mechanics work on my Foreign vehicle?


Can the mechanics work on my Domestic vehicle?


Is there a job too big or too small?

No, here at Meticulous Motors we can complete any and every job your vehicle will need.

Does Meticulous Motors do free diagnostics and check engine light scanning?

Diagnostics are $50. Check engine light scans are free.

Is my vehicle safe left at Meticulous Motors for an extended period of time?

Yes, we store your vehicle safely indoors until the job is completed.

How do I get started with having my vehicle worked on?

Simply drop your vehicle off, sign a work order allowing us to work on your vehicle, wait in our lounge or be picked-up until the job is completed. Wait for our call notifying you that your vehicle is complete and pick up your freshly serviced vehicle.


How much are vehicle details?

Base price, see our service tab for more offers and pricing:
Cars $80.
Trucks $100 price may vary depending on size.
SUV $100 price may vary depending on size.

How long will a detail take?

2-8 Hours depending on the size, condition and service required.

What cleaning packages are offered for my vehicle?

See the service tab for more details.

How will my vehicle look after the detail is complete?

Show room quality.

Is it worth the money?

Most certainly! It maintains the value of your vehicle and it is our job to make sure your vehicle is always taken care of and looking beautiful.


Where does Meticulous Motors acquire their vehicles?

All of our vehicles are new car dealership trade ins. No vehicles that have been tampered with or low quality. Only the best for our customers.

Are there vehicle warranties offered?

No, all of cars are sold AS-IS. We are confident that your new car will be perfect upon delivery, so we do not need to worry about expensive warranties. All of your mechanical work is done at wholesale cost to save you money instead of buying an expensive warranty.

What vehicles does Meticulous Motors sell?

Foreign and Domestic vehicles.

What vehicles does Meticulous Motors specialize in?

We have been selling mainly Japanese vehicles for over 30 years before anyone even wanted to buy them. Now they are the number one selling vehicles.

When does Meticulous Motors get new vehicles in stock?

Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.